Notes from the æther

The fool and the binding of the mask

Apr 17th 2023

What did walk with us, through that flame? From the fire came our pointed noses and the rising of the church- The solitary strike through a castle of cloud. We are the candle from which the fire burns upon and we are the ash that comes from such a flame. The fool came first through the flame with his newfound arrogance and ignorance of the fiery comedy of advancement. For the man of today has bled through the fabric of the aether and sewn his own walls into the fort of the boundary. With twisting anguish we blend into the gluttonous mask and form our shape into that of smoky snake skin.

Synchronized occurrences and symbols of special significance

Apr 13th 2023

The fractals of both negative and positive outcomes have littered across their path signs and symbols of their coming conclusion. These symbols should not be ignored by the faithful seeker at any cost for they would easily fall prey to the boundary outcomes of chance or luck.
From any flip of the coin comes a turn of events more or less desirable. From our flame we have been given our gods and those gods come with sigils engraved within their mighty minds.
We must not doubt this sneaking suspicion and curious childlike intuition in regards to any event regardless of the practicality of them. Coupled with pragmatism we can evolve our minds to accept symbols of any kind without resistance or hesitance and insecurity of original feeling or sensing.
The gift of sensing is given even to animals of any kind, the very lowest of life forms can sense without doubt the shift in temperature and change in their environment. From the decay of the boundary comes the rot of suggestion, the suggestion that we are not in control and that all things that may litter our path are there by some strange luck or chance encounter. This conclusion is both a delusion and a cruel fog that clouds the mind of the dark child within us to believe we are mere links in the chain that drags along the curbs of the city of mice.
Are we nothing but strings of cloth in the harsh winds of the maze?
Are we nothing but a cancer in the void that births us with the fuming fires?

The serpent is the food, the flame is the sin and we eat- as gods of greed, sneaking along the circle.

The heart of the dragon

Apr 12th 2023

The sins of the dragon have become weaved within our mortal vein.
We eat of the dragons heart, we eat of the dragons soul-and so become one with the serpents will.

Is this dragon our king?
Is this serpent our lord?

Crashing into the earth is this snake whom wishes to live eternally.

The temple was built from these pillars.
The war of the serpent and the crow, engraved into the stone.
Have we taken the flame from the fiery fang of the dragon?
In circles we dance, with lucifer on the cross. The archetypes be twelve, married to the flame.
Did we eat of the dragon in midnight?
Adam and eve, the original sinners in the garden, birthing the first archetypes of sin.

The shadow as midnight

Apr 11th 2023

If it is such a great feat for the modern man and woman to triumph over their shadows,
Must we tackle the idea of living alongside them instead?
What is it within the developed race of humans that we are today that rejects the mystery of spirituality, outside of the bounds of organized religion?
The need for ritual and the desire for silence have become watered down by the voices of the commanders of our holy towers and temples.
The new god is the priest within the church and the father behind the door.
We give all burdens to the structure of religion and the specific idea of a singular reality purely based on fear as faith.
Our suffering today is that of the realized identity and the struggle of obsession beneath the light of surface awakening.
We have become the knights within the army and the angels within the heavens,
We cannot reject the existence of our rotting shadow nor the effects of such forgetfulness in midnight.
The creatures of today have been guided by the fiery lights of evolving ideas and the new structures that place our minds within the chains of suggestion and self doubt.
This newly found self doubt is that of our place in society and our place in the minds of common mice.
The awakening of consciousness must have had some negative counterpart, the dual side of enlightenment.

We take on such an obsession with our persona and the outward mask of our daily lives, so that we become this outward mask and the shadow cannot connect to such a societal structure.
In contrast, we might find a true mask, a true concealer of our outward identity and this be the mask that reveals what is beneath our persona.

For this concept is rather simple, if one attaches itself too clearly to the mask, you become one and therefore there is no space for the dual nature of the higher conscious creature to expose itself.

It is as if we become repressed beneath the weight of our focus on identity, if we have space for non understanding and mystery, only then can the shadow become released from its inner shell and crack from the cage within


From the fire came the archetypes of the original sin and the original purity. The outer rim of the wheel of heaven and hell.
Falling above and below God and the Devil we became the priest, the king, knight, prostitute and saint. The flame whispers as a mirror, our reflection within this preaching serpent's tongue gives us our new skin. From this came the branches of identity beneath the sun and the smoke behind the mask. The persona here is the new veil from the birth of consciousness.

This fuming fire must repress our shadow beneath our form and reflection. With this we become haze with obsession of self identity and understanding of existence. We must first hide and conceal the shadow behind the tightly knit lips of the new skin,
We must conceal the fiery silence from the smoke that might dull the effects of the sun.
The black sun, coming from its heavenly gate to descent into the unassuming garden of birthing men and women,
Dances in the night with a slithering invitation and its binding tie for the fractals of identity.
This burning bush comes in the caves of men whom have no understanding of the light and shadow, comes to preach the words of death and the new coming birth of morning. Our offering as a sacrifice, a repressed shadow and a loss of sense for the further evolution of man.