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fauux + uni

Introduction to the Æther

The Æther, a realm beyond our own,
Where darkness and lightness forever are shown.
It flows within us, a subtle, ethereal force,
That can be felt if you close your eyes and let it course.
But we are mere visitors, simple observers in this place,
Where judgment does not dwell, but mystery and grace.
It serves as a compass, guiding us through life's twists and turns,
But we must be careful, for the Æther forever burns.
A place of wonder, where we can find our way,
But do not linger too long, or you may never stray.
But beware, for the Æther is not meant for us,
It holds secrets and mysteries, a dangerous plus.
Enter with caution, and do not be fooled,
By the beauty and mystery, the Æther is not for the crude.

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