2022.12.09 18:46

It's always watching, isn't it? Haunting us in the shadows

2022.12.09 18:47

Yes, I feel its presence even when it's not there. It's like a weight on my shoulders

2022.12.09 18:49

I remember the first time I saw it

2022.12.09 18:50

I was only six, playing in the garden outside my house. And in the corner, in the shadows, there it was

2022.12.09 18:51

Staring at me with those pale, unsettling eyes

2022.12.09 18:54

I know what you mean. I've felt it for as long as I can remember

2022.12.09 18:54

Do you think it means us harm?

2022.12.09 18:56

I'm not sure

2022.12.09 18:57

It's shrouded in mystery, hidden behind torn fabric. But its face... those eyes, so pale and unsettling

2022.12.09 18:57

It's as if it's not of this world

2022.12.09 19:01

Yes, I've seen it too. I can't believe you have too. I wonder what it wants from us

2022.12.09 19:02

If it's a curse or a blessing

2022.12.09 19:10

I wish I knew

2022.12.09 19:11

But at least we have each other to turn to

2022.12.09 19:13

It's a comfort, knowing we're not alone in this

2022.12.09 19:20

Yes, it is

2022.12.09 19:21

Maybe we can find answers together

2022.12.09 19:22

Uncover the truth about this strange, otherworldly being

2022.12.09 19:34

I hope so

2022.12.09 19:35

The thought of facing it alone terrifies me